André Le Gallo

Author of International Thrillers

"Andre le Gallo's Satan's Spy is a refeshing break from the usual pattern in American pop culture when dealing with American esionage. And we see how the Agency must operate in the dangerous and morally ambiguous world created by clashing personalities, policies, cultures and politics. Le Gallo is able to do this because he has been there. What a story line! Le Gallo allows himself to paint boldly, with bright colors and a wide brush. Beginning with a terrorist attack in a Gulf Hotel and ending with a daring escape attempt at sea, Satan's Spy more than fills its quota for adventure. But with all of is twists and turns, and even with the occasionally unexpected plot event. Satan's Spy gives its reader more than a small edge in penetrating the meaning of current events. Clearly Satan's Spy does not try to say it all, either about global crises or about espionage. But it does lift the veil a bit and that's a service, especially since it does it in a way that both informs and entertains."

General Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency and of the Central Intelligece Agency, from his introduction

"A tale of intrigue too frightening to believe it - and too believable to ignore. But you had better believe it, because Le Gallo is the real thing."

Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA, from the introduction

"This is a must read novel for anyone wanting to better understand the roots of radical Islam and the culture and history of the Middle East. The tradecraft and tools of the spy trade are authentic and woven into a story that is fast moving, gripping and realistic. More importantly, the novel is a vehicle for exposing forcefully the seriousness of the radical Jihadist threat facing much of the world. Andre LeGallo is not only a former CIA operations officer, he was also National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism. He knows his stuff."

Monty Rogers, former senior CIA officer, from his review

"I'm not going to tell you anything about his story: EXCEPT that it, like a James Bond adventure, will keep you on the edge of your chair. EXCEPT that when he tells you a detail of a place in Brussels or Bucharest or Tehran, it is because he still remembers it vividly from his travels there. And EXCEPT that when he describes the nasty symptoms that one of his characters has from A.L.S., it is a part of his courage in personally facing that disease. Enjoy your read, and know that you are in the hands of a distinguished, unsung American."

Thomas Twetten, former Deputy Director for Operations, CIA (from the Introduction)

“I cannot think of any more crucial topic and anyone more qualified to discuss the Iranian situation than Mr. André Le Gallo who witnessed the Iranian revolution first hand and how the radical Islamists took the government apart.”

Farhad Mansourian, former Military Intelligence Officer, Iranian Army